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All-School Art Show Wows Everyone!

It's hard to even fathom, but every year the All-School Art Show seems to get better and better. This cherished BFS tradition showcasing the incredible... Read More

ARTI-FACTS: Babe Ruth, BFS’ First Asian-American Grad, and Derek Lynch!

The Brooklyn Bambino? Babe Ruth is one of those characters in American history that could just as easily be fictional as he was real. A huge, lumbering... Read More

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

While mental health and wellbeing are integral to our Brooklyn Friends Community all days, weeks, and months of the year, we are spending some extra time... Read More

Students Travel to D.C. for Black/Jewish Solidarity

By Kevin Murungi Director of Global Civic Engagement and Social Impact  As our students navigate the challenging world issues of the day, the current... Read More

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Making Social Justice His Priority

Just three years ago, Isaiah Springer could not have imagined himself standing in front of more than 250 students, colleagues, family members, and friends,... Read More

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: For the Love of the Game

The look of intensity on her face is evident, as she peers in from the pitching mound. She rocks back, swings her arm backward, and fires the pitch toward... Read More

BFS’ Global Civic Engagement and Social Impact

Brooklyn Friends School has always been on the cutting edge of issues of the day and the current work of Global Civic Engagement and Social Impact is right... Read More

Celebrating Community and Generosity: BFS Gala a Success!

Brooklyn Friends School's "A Toast to Tomorrow" Gala, held in March, was more than just an event; it was a celebration of community spirit and generosity... Read More