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Legacy Status &
Quaker Families

Legacy Status

Brooklyn Friends School recognizes legacy status for families with existing connections to the Brooklyn Friends community. In keeping with the established guidelines of the Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY), Brooklyn Friends School may offer an early notification option to legacy applicants (Family Center and Preschool only).

Qualifying for Legacy Status

To receive legacy consideration or apply for early notification, applicants must be at least one of the following:

  • Siblings: sibling of a student who is currently enrolled at BFS and will be enrolled for the following school year or sibling of a BFS graduate. 
  • Children of alumni: applicants whose parents(s) graduated from the 12th grade at BFS.
  • Children of faculty & staff:  applicant’s parent(s) must be currently employed – for a year or more – at BFS and returning to BFS for the following school year.
  • Members of the Religious Society of Friends: Parents of the applicant must be members of the New York Quarterly Meeting (NYQM). Quaker families who are members of other Meetings will be given priority after the members of the New York Quarterly Meeting.

Please notify the appropriate admissions office of your interest to apply as a legacy applicant by email.

Sara Soll
Directory of the Family Center Twos Program
Email Sara

Karine Blemur-Chapman
Director of All-School Enrollment, Preschool-Grade 11
Email Karine

Admissions & Financial Aid for Quaker Families

Quaker families who are members of the New York Quarterly Meeting can apply for legacy status and early notification during the admissions process. Quaker families who are members of other Meetings will be given priority after the members of the New York Quarterly Meeting.

All Quaker families who are interested in applying to Brooklyn Friends should contact the appropriate Admissions Office by emailing Sara Soll (for Family Center Twos) or Karine Blemur-Chapman (for Preschool through Grade 11). Brooklyn Friends School offers financial aid from Kindergarten and up based on demonstrated financial need. (Please note that financial aid, if applicable, is also not assured for accepted applicants particularly for those applying to grades that are not entry points.)

In addition to the school’s financial aid applications, aid is available according to need for parents who are members of Meetings affiliated with the Quarter through the Quarter’s Educational Fund Committee. Priority is given to children attending Friends Seminary and Brooklyn Friends School.