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Welcome to Brooklyn Friends School!

Thank you for exploring the vibrant, challenging, and globally-conscious world of learning and growing that is BFS.

Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, we educate curious learners from two years old through twelfth grade, sensitively minding their social and emotional well-being within a strong and experiential learning community that is inclusive of the diversity of perspectives and identities within Brooklyn and beyond.

Since its founding in 1867, the heartbeat of BFS has been defined by its adherence to Quaker values, which are essential in our world today. In varied ways, our rich and developmentally-guided academic program reflects a daily immersion into the values of peace, integrity, simplicity, equality, community, and stewardship. As we grapple with the complex challenges present in our society, these values serve as guideposts that lead to humanity-minded innovations and solutions.

Our commitment to fostering and actualizing a socially-just world is unwavering. Providing children and young adults with transformational learning experiences and platforms to effectively cultivate and use their voices, we partner with families to build upon the growth that begins at home and continues here, a place where meaningful relationships between students and adults and joy in learning are intertwined and result in collaborative, compassionate, and powerful agents of action, who we are proud to call alumni of our school.

As you consider delving deeper into who we are, I personally invite you to explore the genuine and necessary marvel that is our school. By exploring Brooklyn Friends School, you will be witness to a dynamic college-preparatory curricular program and school culture that will make you feel hopeful about our future, one that will be led by the inner Light within our students.

We look forward to welcoming you to Brooklyn Friends!

Warmly and with pride,

Crissy Cáceres, Head of School