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Restorative Justice and Practices:
Strengthening Relationships
August 2–4, 2023

Our exciting professional learning institute—Restorative Justice and Practices: Strengthening Relationships—will be hosted at Brooklyn Friends School this August. This institute will provide a much-needed space for concentrated, cohort-style learning for educators to help them grow in their roles and professional journeys and to become change agents in ways that can positively transform their communities, and the world.

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August 2 – 4

For years schools have been faced with finding different solutions to dealing with behavioral issues that will inevitably occur. Historically, the way of dealing with these issues in schools very much mirrors our criminal justice system which includes, identifying the issue, determining who the victim and perpetrator are, and determining and delivering appropriate punishment for the perpetrator based on the severity of the situation. While some may argue that this approach is effective, others may suggest that the punitive nature ignores any learning that might take place and doesn’t even factor in the experience of the victim and how they move on. That is where the Restorative Justice and Practices: Strengthening Relationships institute will come into play.

In this three-day experience, we will explore the engagement of restorative practice as a focus on building community through the power of circles, looking at classrooms as communities, co-creating agreements, engaging authentic presence and communication with the emphasis on relationships, understanding, and empathizing in community. In this experience, we move from one and done behavior support to growth and reflection on a continuum within community. This institute will center a reciprocal practice which engages the practitioner and circle facilitator as well as the participants of the circle in practical application scenarios and reflection.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone working in youth centered or human service education or non-profit space.


If you are still in need of hotel accommodations for this August’s institute, please contact Jay Rapp.