Our Strategic Vision

iPads in Kindergarten & First Grade!

Our kindergarten and first grade students loved learning about the mysterious blue cart that has been sitting in their classrooms for the past few weeks. Gasps and clapping ensued when […]

What is the Internet? How does it work?

In technology class, fourth graders learned about what the Internet is (a network of computers connected to each other) and how the Internet works. After thinking about what we already […]

Self Checkout in the Pre/Lower School Library!

Drum roll please…….We have initiated self checkout with our Third and Fourth Grade students! iPad app: Follett Destiny In our libraries here at BFS, we use the company Follett to […]

SonicPics and Research Project Presentation

In the library, we regularly use iPads for a variety of purposes. This was our first work with Fourth Graders to digitize a presentation. As was posted earlier, the Fourth Grade […]