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Self Checkout in the Pre/Lower School Library!

Drum roll please…….We have initiated self checkout with our Third and Fourth Grade students!

iPad app: Follett Destiny

In our libraries here at BFS, we use the company Follett to assist with our online cataloging and access systems, among other services. Recently, Follett has added an app which we use with our library iPads to allow students to independently check out their books.

Students accessing the app to prepare for self checkout

Students locating a personal library record

Scanning the school library barcode for checkout

This allows for a new level of independence in the library space. It also allows the librarians to be available for students with questions or who would like additional reader’s advisory. This also empowers students to grow in their understanding of yet another of the multiple uses of the iPad in the library setting, how to use it under the terms of the Acceptable Use policy here at BFS, and in the functionality of library organization.

4C and 3C were our first classes to utilize self checkout, and have shown that this is a responsibility for which they are ready. Some typical responses:
          “This is so cool!”

          “I get to see what I have checked out right away. That’s gonna help me keep track!”

          “I like being in charge.”

          “Why didn’t we do this last year?”

Be sure to ask your 3rd or 4th Grade child about this exciting change!