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iPads in Kindergarten & First Grade!

Our kindergarten and first grade students loved learning about the mysterious blue cart that has been sitting in their classrooms for the past few weeks. Gasps and clapping ensued when we opened the cart to show them all the iPads that they will be using in their classes this year. Common questions were: “Can we take them home?” (No) and “Can we use them later on? Like tomorrow?” (Maybe. We have to ask your teachers). We talked about how to take care of our iPads and learned about the basic functions of the tablets (e.g., Home Button, flicking, swiping, and apps).

Since the students have already learned several uppercase letters in their Handwriting classes, we thought it would be great review for the students to practice those letters on the iPads too! We used the “Writing Wizard” app.

Look at all the fun we had with the iPads for Handwriting in KA!


Here is KA!

Here is KB!

Here is KC!