Our Strategic Vision

Library Policies and Procedures

Gift and Donation Policy

The librarians maintain a regularly updated wish list of books, resources, and equipment for all those interested in donating a special gift. Gifts of new or gently used books are gratefully accepted. If the books are not deemed appropriate for the library collections they may be donated to classrooms or charitable organizations.

Please let the librarians know if you have a gift you would like to donate to the libraries.

Circulation Policies

  • All members of the BFS community are encouraged to use the resources of the libraries.
  • Books and periodicals circulate to all users, with the exception of the most recent issue of a periodical.
  • Non-print materials circulate only to faculty.
  • Reference items and materials placed on reserve do not circulate.
  • All items must be checked out if they are to be used outside of the library.
  • Print items circulate as follows:
    • Preschool – 1 item per week
    • K-1st Grades – 1 item per week
    • 2nd-4th Grades – 2 items per 2 weeks
    • 5th-12th Grade – 5 items per 3 weeks*
    • Faculty – items as needed for 3 weeks
  • All items may be renewed unless there is a hold placed on the item.
  • Lost or damaged books will be billed for an appropriate amount to be determined by the librarians for replacement purposes.  At the end of the school year all unpaid bills will be referred to the Business Office and added to the student’s tuition invoice.
  • The librarians reserve the right to refuse circulation privileges to any student who has overdue items on loan.

*Additional items may be checked out at the discretion of the librarians.

Collection Development Policy

  • Materials are added to the collection to meet the curricular and individual interest needs of the BFS community.
  • Materials are selected to represent the most current information available by reputable sources.
  • Materials are selected for the quality of literary value as well as their appeal to student readers.
  • Materials are selected to meet the wide range of individual learning styles represented by the student body.
  • Materials are selected for their multicultural value to provide a collection reflective of many backgrounds and experiences.
  • Materials are selected to represent diverse points of view in terms of current and historical issues.
  • Materials are selected by the librarians based upon good practice and criteria of the library profession including the evaluation of critical reviews in professional journals.
  • Materials are weeded and removed from the collection due to irrelevance, outdated information, or damage.
  • Statistics are available for all materials added or discarded from

Challenged Books & Resources Policy

  • The libraries of Brooklyn Friends School adhere to the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights.
  • Any individual who wishes to challenge the appropriateness of a library resource for the collection must do so in writing.  The title of the resource involved and the reason for the challenge must be included.
  • The BFS Librarians and the Head of School will then review this challenge to determine its merits.
  • While the review is taking place, the challenged material will remain in the collection.
  • The individual bringing the challenge will be notified when the committee has made its decision.