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The Middle School Library

Fiction, Nonfiction, Reference & Technology

Middle School students can visit the library on the third floor of the Pearl Street Building during recess and after school. 5th grade students have weekly library classes. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students have additional access to the library during their English classes, once a cycle. The library contains an extensive collection of fiction, nonfiction, reference materials, and digital resources. You can read more about our circulation policy here. The Middle School Librarian works with teachers to assist with research including selecting print resources, creating resource guides, and providing research instruction. 

Middle School Library Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8:15am-5:30pm. Friday: 8:15am-4pm

After School Hours

The Middle School Library is pleased to offer extended after school library hours for all students. 7th and 8th grade students can be in the library until 5:30pm. 5th and 6th grade students can visit the library after school until 4:00 pm without a parent or guardian. After 4:00pm, they must be supervised by a parent or guardian and are welcome to stay until 5:30pm. 

Contact Your Librarian

Katie Ryan, Middle School Librarian

Research References for Middle Schoolers

Ask Oxford
Search the Oxford Compact Dictionary online.
Search a site with 25,000 biographies and links.

Earth Calendar
Holidays around the world searchable by names, calendar date, or geographic region.

Encyclopedia Mythica
More than 7,000 articles about world mythology.

Internet Public Library
Links to many research topics and information.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary
Use a online dictionary and thesaurus.

New York City NYPL Mid-Manhattan  Picture Collection
A collection of 30,000 pictures from magazines, newspapers, postcards, prints and photographs most before 1923.

Art History
Art history organized by time and country.

Art Cyclopedia
Search artists, works of art, and museums on line.

Explore Art
Browse by artists, type of art, and subjects at this site from the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Glossary of Medieval Art and Architecture
A comprehensive illustrated glossary.

PBS Kids Guide to Jazz
Join an online jazz band and learn about the musicians and history of jazz.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Information about Cleveland’s famous museum and its inductees.

Comprehensive information about art history and artists.

Authors and Illustrators on the Web
Links to many authors and illustrators of interest.

Helpful tips and quizzes.

Fractured Fairy Tales
A list of fractured fairy tales for all ages.

Idiom Zone
Everything you ever needed to know about idioms.

Learning about the Author and Illustrator Page
Links to more than 600 authors and illustrators.

Magnetic Poetry Online
Click and drags words to create you own poems online.

Shakespeare: Subject To Change
An interactive way to learn about Shakespeare. Insults included.

Ancient Egyptian Mathematics
An overview of Ancient Egyptian mathematics.

Ancient Greek Mathematics
An overview of Ancient  Greek mathematics.

Ask Dr. Math
Dr. Math can help you.

Math Games
A variety of math games from the National Mathematics Association.

An extensive mathematic web site.

Earth Calendar
Holidays around the world searchable by names, calendar date, or geographic region.

Religions of the World
Explore and learn about the world’s religions.

The Religious Society of Friends
Information about Quakers.

Your Guide to the Religions of the World
A well-organized guide to Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Sikhism which includes religious texts and audio.

Animal Cams
Live video cameras from the Smithsonian National Zoo let you watch elephants, pandas, and many other animals.

Animal Diversity Web
Detailed information from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

Electronic Zoo
Many links to wild and domesticated animals including veterinary care.

eNature Field Guides
Online guides to all types of animals, trees, and wildflowers.

Fish FAQ
Questions and answers about all types of fish.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Wonderful information  about  marine life, careers, animal  cams, videos, and much more.

Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database
Detailed animal information and photographs and more.

Amazing Space
Explore galaxies, planets, stars, black holes and more.

Earth and Moon Viewer
A real-time view of the earth and moon.

Hubble Site
The Hubble telescope at work.

Space Today Online
A wealth of information about space.

Star Child
Facts, photographs and videos about the solar system.

Star Journey
Journey through the stars with National  Geographic online.

Windows to the Universe
A great site includes information about space weather, missions,  physics, and more.

All About Earthquakes
A great site to explore and learn about earthquakes.

Information about our oceans including marine animals and conservation.

Weather Wiz Kids
Current weather information as well as a great site to understand all aspects of storms.

Amusement Park Physics
Design your own roller coaster online.

The Atoms Family
Learn about the principles of physics from the Mummy, The Wolf Man, and Dracula.

Baseball the Game and Beyond
Science and baseball collide.

The basics of chemistry including matter, atoms, chemical reactions, and the periodic table of elements.

Electronics for Kids
Learn about simple circuits, magnetism, and static electricity by doing these experiments.

Fear of Physics
Animated interactive ways to understand the principles of physics.

The Mystery of Antimatter
What is antimatter?  Find out here.

Strange Matters
Learn about physics in a very creative way.

Neuroscience for Kids
Explore the brain and nervous system.

It’s My Life
A place to explore.

Kids Health
Learn how to stay healthy and find answers to your questions.

Mental Health
Articles, games, and book reviews.

Mind Over Matter
Issues of drug abuse.

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Nye Labs Online
Enter online labs.

Missouri Botanical Gardens
Biomes of the world, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

If you can’t get to this hands-on Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception in San Francisco, it will come to you.

Kinetic City
Science experiments, games, and challenges.

Lawrence Hall of Science
Great online science games  and activities.

Science News for Kids
Latest news from the science world.

Snow Crystals
All about snowflakes including photographs.

Soda Constructor
Create amazing online animated projects with soda straws. Take a look.

A Science Fair Project  Resource Guide
A guide to creating  a science project including links to other sites.

Ancient China
Information  about  Ancient China with extensive  links.

Ancient China
History and arts of Ancient China.

Ancient China
Information from the British Museum.

Ancient Egypt – The British Museum
Detailed information with beautiful photographs of artifacts and mummies.

Ancient Eygptian Mathematics
An overview of Ancient Egyptian mathematics.

Ancient Greece
Well-organized site with links to additional information.

Ancient Greek Mathematics
An overview of Ancient Greek mathematics.

Ancient Greek World
An excellent site with information and illustrations of all aspects of Ancient  Greece.

Ancient India
Information from the British Museum.

Ancient Mesopotamia
Information from the British Museum.

Clickable Mummy
Click on different parts of an actual mummy to learn about the mummification.

Discover Egypt – Seattle Art Museum
A playful way to learn about life in Ancient Egypt.

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
Detailed  illustrated history of early Rome.

Museum of Ancient  Inventions
Ancient inventions from around the world in this Smith College web site.

Pyramids: The Inside Story
Explore Egyptian pyramids in the photographic tour that puts you on the scene.

Roman Empire in the First Century
An informative site based on the PBS show.

The Romans
A simple account of ancient Roman history and life.

The Story of Africa
African history from ancient to present  time.

Geography and Map Reading Room – Library of Congress
Digital map collections from 1500-2004.

Perry Castenada Library Map Collection
Online maps of current interest, political and physical maps and more.

United Nations Cartographic Section
Maps of all types including  U.N. Peacekeeping missions.

American Journeys: Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration and Settlement
Primary sources describe early American experiences.

Asian Pacific American Heritage
Learn about great Asian-Americans and their contributions.

American Memory – Library of Congress
A digital representation  of American History including the written and spoken word, prints, photographs, maps, and videos.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government
Learn about many aspects of United States government.

Digital History of the United States

Hear the Presidents – Vincent Voice Library
Hear the actual voices of presidents of the United States.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Take a virtual tour of a LES tenement.

Native American Sites
This site is a treasure of information about Native Americans of the

U.S.Native Tech
Native American culture, art, and technology.

Presidents of the United States
Detailed biographical information with links as well as election results and more.

Today in History
Find out what happened today in American history.

The Middle Ages
A well–organized site about life in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages
Articles and a timeline of the Middle Ages.

Recipes of the Middle Ages
Medieval recipe translations and a glossary.

West African Kingdoms
History of the West African Kingdoms including a timeline.

This question is discussed by looking at the civilizations of Maya, Mesopotamia, Mali and Songhai, and Chaco Canyon.

Exploring Leonardo
A look at Leonardo daVinci and the influence his inventions and art had on history.
Explore the age of the Renaissance in Europe.
The Story of Africa
African history from ancient to present time.
World War II

42 Explore-Robots
Learn about robots.

Evaluating Web Sites
A very helpful site to help you determine the value and authenticity of a web site.