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Sports Offerings at Brooklyn Friends

Brooklyn Friends School enjoys a long and successful sports tradition and an active athletics program with a high rate of student participation. Sports at Brooklyn Friends include cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, indoor track, baseball, softball, and outdoor track. We encourage everyone to get involved and join a team. BFS Athletics is proud to teach life skills using education-based athletics.

Our philosophy at the Middle School level is that everyone who wants to play should have a chance to play.  Fifth and sixth graders learn and practice sports together in the AM Sports program, and seventh and eighth graders participate in interscholastic team sports with other New York independent schools.

The Upper School offers varsity and junior varsity levels of play in the New York City independent school leagues (Athletic Conference of Independent Schools and Boys/Girls Independent School Athletic League). Our teams have won numerous league titles and championships, and soccer and volleyball teams have qualified for state competitions. Our basketball teams have won league titles as well as a state championship.At all levels, our athletic program stresses the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, self-esteem and school pride.

The section below lists the school’s interscholastic teams by season, with links to the team schedules. Also below are the starting dates for upcoming practices.

11/1/17 – Upper School Winter Athletes begin practicing       

11/8/17 – Middle School Winter Athletes begin practicing

2/26/18 – Upper School Spring Athletes begin practicing

 2/28/18 – Middle School Spring Athletes begin practicing

Sportsmanship Code

The NYSAIS Athletic Association promotes standards of fair play and ethical behavior. We encourage all student athletes, coaches, parents, and spectators to support teams and game personnel in a positive manner at all times. We ask that all spectators show support for everyone involved in the athletic competition by cheering for your respective teams in a positive manner and by abiding by the following Sportsmanship Code:

  1. I understand that the ultimate goal of interscholastic athletics is to provide an enjoyable and positive experience for all.

  2. I will be a positive role model by encouraging good sportsmanship.

  3. I will respect the game officials by refraining from addressing them or questioning their decisions.

  4. I will support the coaches by trusting their judgment and integrity.

  5. I will respect the rules of the venue of the athletic contest.

  6. I understand that I may be asked to leave the athletic contest if I do not adhere to the Sportsmanship Code.