Our Strategic Vision

Dance Life at BFS

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted not only the academic life of our students, but also the extracurricular activities that they usually participate in. Just like the hybrid learning to which […]

Hispaniola Rising: Dance Concert on March 9 & 10

In this year’s Dance Concert, we examine the relationship between Ayiti/Haiti and la República Dominicana/Dominican Republic through dance forms from the two nations.  They share the Caribbean island of “Hispaniola,” […]

Getting Loopy Dances & Functional Suncatchers

Our third and fourth graders engaged in two fun and unplugged activities (no computers!) to learn about loops and functions in technology class this week. In third grade, students learned […]

Dance Concert: Global Struggles for Liberation

This year’s dance concert on March 6 & 7 explores social justice as well as South Asian dance, paying tribute to Indian choreographers Chandralekha and Akram Khan, while also giving […]

A truly phenomenal woman

A Truly Phenomenal Woman BFS Dance Concert 1989 With Maya Angelou’s passing last week, let’s go back 25 years to 1989, the year which saw the creation and first performance […]

Mysteries from the Video Archives

Dance Concert Rehearsal, probably 1998 Digitizing much of the BFS dance department’s video collection for the BFS Archives video collection yielded unidentified rehearsal videos and one music concert video. Most […]

That Show Took My Breath Away…

  Always fun to find playbills from BFS theatrical performances, so we are making some available as they emerge from the school’s archives and from personal collections. While more playbills […]