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Social Studies Exhibition Videos

After learning about the Haudenosaunee, 3C expanded their understanding of First Nations by exploring the histories of other Native American groups from across the United States. During this social studies unit, each group was responsible for looking into the lives and cultures of one of six nations: Tlingit, Seminole, Chumash, Diné (Navajo), Inuit and Lakota (Sioux).

Each group of students researched, visited the National Museum of the American Indian and ultimately crafted their own exhibits.  In order to have a lasting record, they used Adobe Voice to create a informational video – all of which can be seen below!

Tlingit | Harper, Jessie, Joshua & Nora

Seminole | Ava, Aviel & Tessa

Chumash | Elle, Kaleo & Thea

Diné (Navajo) | Miranda, Sadie & Teddy

Inuit | Alex, Mia & Owen

Lakota (Sioux) | Becket, Karim, Mila & Sydney