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SkateFest 2023: Blue Pride Takes to the Ice

Brooklyn Friends School showed off its Blue Pride at our second annual SkateFest!

Held on Saturday, March 4, 2023, Pearl the Panther led the ice skaters on the scenic rink at LeFrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park. In addition to many loops around the rink, about 300 friends of all ages enjoyed hot chocolate, cookies, crafts, face painting, and community. Special SkateFest moments included Upper School volunteer skate buddies helping younger friends maneuver in their ice skates, and Middle School face painters and crafters engaging with Preschool and Lower School students. BFS is grateful to the Brooklyn Friends & Families (BFF) SkateFest planning committee and event volunteers, as well as the enthusiastic the student volunteers, all of whom made our second SkateFest a tremendous success! Please find below some special notes of thanks.


SkateFest Planning Committee: Katie Murray (Clerk), Leslie Czeban, Rebecca Felsenthal-Stewart, Caitlin Kenney, Alissa Quinones, Alice Roberts, Molly Small, Tracey Wells-Schneps, Joy Williams

SkateFest Volunteer Graphic Designer: Maiken Erstad

SkateFest Family Event Day Volunteers: Alisha Bhagat, Saradgine Bien-Amie, Megan Crowley-Hsu, Marie-Alyce Devieux, Christine Dirringer, Agnes Harley, Jodi Harris, Alyson Jackson, Carmelyn Malalis, Verina Mathis-Crawford, Anna Milien

Thank you to Pearl the Panther for joining us!

Upper School Skate Buddies: Ruby C., Luke C., Olivia Q., Josh D., Eli G.

7th Grade Volunteers: Clio S., Veloria G., Clara C-G., Kai K., Kailey S., Zay D., Mazzy B., Imogen K., CJ J., Nina D-M., Viola B-S., Penelope K.

8th Grade Volunteers: Ciaran C., Penny Z., Max A.

9th Grade Volunteers: Sophie C., Avital K., Odessa G., Lola C-T., Ava E., Sabrina E-F.

11th Grade Volunteers: Maia W., Rayanna S

Enjoy photos from SkateFest below. Full screen is available at the link.