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Research is in Full Swing at BFS: Tools and Tips!

PART ONE: NEW! EasyBib Tools for your Research Awesomeness!

In case you hadn’t heard, EASYBIB is part of our suite of Library tools! Commonly used by schools, colleges and universities nationwide, it is now at your fingertips. Look for it in GOOGLE APPS! Or go to the website and sign in with Google.

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What is EasyBib? It is a research support tool that is a part of the Google suite (easy access for you and your students). This tool offers EASY BIBLOGRAPHY generation, intuitive and streamlined DIGITAL NOTETAKING, and seamless transitions between these and GoogleDocs.

Currently, our 4th, 5th AND 6th grade classes are using a variety of these tools, and have taken to it like fish to water.

Be on the lookout for a shared document coming to faculty with EasyBib basics. Ask a librarian to walk you through this wonderful tool that can easily take research happening in your classrooms to the next level!

It’s EASY.


Can I copy that whole book?

               Can I scan the entire article? 

                                How about a class set?

                                               What about copying an image from the internet and using it in            
                                               homework or a presentation without citing it?

Teachers, staff and students ask (and don’t ask) these questions often, and there are good answers. Copyright law, while flexible with educational institutions, does still have guidelines. A general rule for fair use is take care with what you deem fair.

But how and where is the line drawn?

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We want to share an excellent website we have found where students, staff or teachers can access fair use and copyright information quickly and concisely. We encourage one and all to check it out.

Please contact a librarian if you need additional assistance! Happy Researching Students and Faculty!