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The ‘Letting Your Lives Speak’ Alumni Tour

Brooklyn Friends School is hitting the road! Head of School Crissy Cáceres is leaving the friendly confines of Downtown Brooklyn for parts unknown—well, we actually know where she is going—and she is coming to see YOU! Crissy is embarking on a nationwide tour to visit as many alumni as possible! “Letting Your Lives Speak” will include stops throughout the United States and aims to show that the foundational elements of Brooklyn Friends are living boldly in everyone who has called BFS home—no matter how long ago—no matter how recently. 

The tour starts on December 9–11 in the Washington D.C./Baltimore/Virginia area. If you are an alum of BFS and live in that area, please RSVP to one (or both) of our two evenings! January will include trips to Philadelphia (January 7) and Denver (January 22); February we will visit friends in Florida (February 10–12); April will include trips to Boston (April 1), Seattle, and California (April 21–25). There will also be events in New York City on January 31, March 3, and April 5. RSVP links will be available for all of these events very soon

In addition to connecting and spending time in conversation with BFS Alums, we will be conducting video interviews throughout our journey that will be included in a documentary film about Brooklyn Friends set to be released next fall. 

During these trips Crissy is setting out to discover that the “decisions you have made in your lives, the friends, the relationships you’ve made, the things you devote yourselves to, that all of them are driven by a set of values that have connectivity to the school you are a part of.”

For more information or if you don’t see your city listed, please reach out to Karen Edelman, Director of Advancement.

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