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From the kitchens of BFS

Teachers’ Treats Cookbook, published 1984-85

Some of us will remember the BFS cookbooks produced by members of our community, most often our teachers and parents of the PAT.
The first of these cookbooks shared here is titled Teachers’ Treats, was illustrated by Lower School students, dates to the 1984-85 school year, and was found in a box of memorabilia in my home. There are at least two other cookbooks from faculty and parents: The Friendly Gourmet from the early 1970s and another from the early 1990s.

Others may also recall cooking in the Lower School classrooms at 375 Pearl Street. Somewhat innovative, most schools do not offer cooking for younger children with such regularity. Actually, the cooking activity on my BFS tour was the main reason the 4 year old me wanted to go to BFS. It is possible my sister may still have a ca. 1980 cookbook produced by the Lower School of recipes used in their kitchens. This may be great news for me: I have had a yen for a piece of birthday cake made from the Lower School recipe for at least 30 years.

Additional BFS cookbooks should be available in the near future. Does anyone else have BFS cookbooks lurking in their homes? Duplicate copies or one-of-a-kind, we’re interested in them all.