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Introducing the Fall All-School Spirit Week

School Mascot

As we enter October,  we are delighted to announce a new Brooklyn Friends School tradition: a Fall All-School Spirit Week during  the last week of October (10/25). This will culminate in an All-School “Fall Fantasy Parade” on Friday morning (10/29), to which families will be invited. 

To start the week, break out your blue and gray for Monday’s “Blue Pride Day.” The Middle and Upper School Division Leadership will be working with students to finalize themes for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (think: Pajama Day; Wacky Hat / Funky Socks Day; Twin/Triple/Quartet Day; Dress like a Teacher (or if you are a teacher, like a student) Day). 

The week prior, on Wednesday, October 20, the Advancement Office will have Brooklyn Friends School gear for purchase and will promote local games by our athletic teams. We hope many of us will cheer on our fall athletes at their games! 

In the Fall Fantasy Parade on Friday, 10/29, we lift up the joy and creativity of childhood (and adulthood). For students who celebrate Halloween, this is a day that they can wear their costume. For those who do not, this is an opportunity that they can dress up (or not) as they’d like. As an inclusive school community, we want to ensure that everyone can participate in our parade in a way that is developmentally appropriate. Our hope is that all will join in the joy and consider how to participate in this new experience. Think thematic ideas, funky pairings/groupings, and all-around creative fun!

We ask that you spend time discerning with your family what is an appropriate costume for an all-school parade that is consistent with our school values and that avoids fear, violence, and offensive ideas that pertain to peoples’ lived experiences and identities. In addition, Divisional Leadership will discuss with students how to ensure that they create respectful costumes. We also encourage everyone to consider creatively immersing themselves and going beyond store-bought costumes. 

Stay tuned for more information!