Our annual budget is supplemented every year by contributions to the Brooklyn Friends Fund given by our families, alums, and friends.

Building an endowment is a strategic priority of the Brooklyn Friends Board of Trustees. How can an endowment help and how does it work? Leaving the principal untouched, a school is able to supplement its operating costs with the interest from a strategically invested endowment. While endowment income will never replace annual giving, it will improve the school’s financial position and help to secure its future, providing much needed additional and permanent income.

A Brooklyn Friends School Priority:

BFS has an annual operating budget of around $31,000,000. If BFS had an endowment of $10,000,000, the additional yearly income could be $500,000. Another $500,000 each year would alleviate pressure on the operating budget and allow us to:

Offer more competitive faculty compensation

Increase financial aid to our families

Provide enhanced resources in the classroom

By supporting the endowment at Brooklyn Friends, donors are making a difference in our school, inspiring our community, strengthening the institution, and transforming what our future will be.

The 1867 Society, our first planned giving society, was launched in 2014 to encourage bequests to Brooklyn Friends and to recognize individuals who have included BFS in their estate plans.

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Giving financial support represents my end of the deal: providing the funding that will allow the faculty and staff to deliver the best experience possible for my kids and all their friends. I want to make sure that BFS continues to succeed in its mission of producing well-balanced graduates who are hard working, focused on success, prepared for any new challenge, and committed to serving their communities.

LS Parent