Our Strategic Vision

Simple Gifts by the Virtual BFS Orchestra

Enjoy a moving and uplifting collaboration of BFS colleagues and our multi-talented middle and upper school orchestra and choir students, who present the traditional Shaker hymn, “Simple Gifts.”  As you […]

Thinking and Being in New Ways: Dance Concert 2020

“What happens when we view the limitations that face people living with disabilities as social and political issues of access, not simply individual medical diagnoses?” This is the question Dance […]

Connecting Through A Calendar

DOWNLOAD THE 2019-20 BFS STUDENT ART CALENDAR HERE. An illuminated tree, its red leaves lit by the sun. A complex collage, with images of eyes and fire. A face, peeking […]

Afterschool Music Lessons Program

  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FALL 2019 PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS The Brooklyn Friends School Afterschool Program offers private instrumental music lessons for Kindergarten through Upper School students in Piano […]

Caring for Community with Gifts of Music

  On May 2nd, BFS 7th grade students Ana N. and Cal S., 8th grade student Breyten N. and a student from Poly Prep performed a thirty minute chamber concert […]