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Make Way, MOMA, the BFS Art Show is Back in Town

Ahhh Springtime! Beauty is in bloom all around! Could there be a more perfect time for our annual All-School Art Show? During the week of May 20th, everyone is invited to discover artworks by our budding BFS artists from Preschool to 12th grade IB Visual Arts. Hundreds of pieces of art will be blossoming inside our lower gym at 375 Pearl Street and throughout the third floor of 116 Lawrence Street at the BFS All-School Art Show. Viewing hours are 8:15am to 6:00pm, and there is a special reception for student-artists and Visual Arts faculty on Tuesday, May 21, from 3:30 to 4:30pm.

As usual, the space will be filled with amazing artworks including ceramics, projects in wood, sculpture, video, animation, paintings, prints, darkroom photography, mixed media, collage, design and drawings.

When wandering through this seemingly infinite maze of creativity, you are sure to be inspired by the abundance of artistic ideas that come from this vast age-range. It is also clear that no matter what age the artist may be, BFS students approach their work with great care, thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

We are indeed very proud of our student artists and also, very proud of our Visual Art Department and faculty! Congratulations to all on another great year and another fantastic All School Art Show at BFS!