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BFS history, the video

“This Is Our Quiet Time”

BFS ordinarily shares brief clips in its Video Archives, but we make an exception this week with the full version of the original BFS musical, Forward to the Past. Written and performed by the BFS community in 1989, Forward to the Past: the Historical Hysterical Follies of Brooklyn Friends School, relates our school’s history as uncovered by an extra-terrestrial cultural anthropologist visiting the Planet Earth in his search for “friendly peoples.” And he just happened to land at BFS. Of course, there are many familiar faces among the cast of teachers, parents, students, and friends, including Cheryl Foote, Don Knies, Jack Ramey, Martin Norregaard, Lawrence Gibson and many others. A clip of just the hip-hop finale was posted almost a year ago, yet today the beautiful solo, “This Is Our Quiet Time,” beginning at 49:30, merits a listen.