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All About Norregaard


BFS celebrated Martin Norregaard’s 50 years with BFS with much fanfare at Reunion 2011. To jog your memories, Martin taught Middle School English and Social Studies from 1961 to 1991, then retired although he taught part-time for the next two years. After 1993, he remained in close contact with BFS and soon became a Trustee. Mr. N. is doing just fine as I write these words and collect Norregaardiana for the school’s digital archives. Please feel free to suggest words that might be better than “Norregaardiana.”

20 Questions with Martin Norregaard by Jeff Stanley, published in April, 2011, which begins with Martin’s great line, “My television blew up in 1991…” I never tire of re-reading this article.

Martin’s Ten Points, prepared for his speech at Reunion 2011.

Martin Norregaard and his bicycle
at Friends Field, 1962

Martin’s Reflections Journal, given to Martin at Reunion 2011.

Martin’s Artwork which he kindly shared over the years with me. Martin drew these cartoons alongside his students in the Middle School Visual Creativity Club in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Not content to simply monitor students, Martin participated fully and created these pieces.

Martin’s Voicemail left on my BFS answering machine in 2010, which gives the titles of his unwritten autobiography. Yes, I kept this voicemail and I listen to it often. It’s actually in my playlist.