Our Strategic Vision

Augmented Reality in the 4th Grade

The 4th grade ended the 2014 year with our unit on augmented reality and an integrated Library and Technology class project. First, we thought about the meaning of the words “augmented” and “reality”. As a class, we determined that “augmented reality” means adding extra information to what we see in the real world. Then, we looked at the how augmented reality was created at Columbia University and what it looked like ten years ago.

After that, we looked at how the technology has advanced and watched a video about Google Glasses. After the discussion, we talked about possible uses for augmented reality and how the extra information can be helpful to us as we go about our daily lives.

The students got a chance to see what augmented reality really is for themselves, and they sure were very impressed by what they saw! In fact, our fourth graders were so impressed that they all scrambled to their seats to find a piece of paper to write down the name of the app!

In Library, students worked with Kathy and Christina to write a 60 second book review about books they have read. They discussed different hooks to draw the audience in and ways to talk about a book without giving the book away. With their scripts in hand, the fourth graders filmed their 60 second book review in Technology using the camera app on their iPads.

Using the iPad app Aurasma, students paired their “aura” or video with a trigger (i.e., an image of the book cover they decorated).

When the trigger image is recognized by Aurasma, the students’ 60 second book reviews will pop up on the screen, superimposed over the image of the book cover.

We will be presenting our work soon! Keep an eye out on the 6th floor for our book reviews!