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Adulting Conference: Life Skills for Graduating Seniors

This article appears in the summer 2022 issue of The Light, our Brooklyn Friends School magazine. 

After months of thinking and planning, Brooklyn Friends held its inaugural Adulting Conference this past May. The Conference was aimed to share “Life Skills for Graduating Seniors.”

“We are excited for this opportunity for you to learn and grow together as the Class of 2022,” said Head of Upper School, Kamaya Prince Thompson, on the eve of the first sessions. “Students, this week has been created for you! You will not want to miss a moment of it. Each session will give you the tools we believe you will need to fully launch out into our world with confidence in mind, body, and spirit.”

The one-week program, held mostly at the Upper School on Lawrence Street, included sessions dedicated to: Mindfulness, Personal Finances, Self Defense, Understanding College Campuses, Survival Cooking, Sewing, Laundry, and Body Movement, among many others.

The sessions were presented by BFS colleagues and guests. The conference culminated with bowling and a sleepover at the Upper School.

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