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Classroom Family Lead

What Does A Classroom Family Lead Do?

Classroom Family Leads are the vital link between each grade and the larger BFS community. Classroom Family Leads reach out to families and make them feel welcome, encourage participation in school events, attend meetings twice a year with their Division Head and Clerk, and foster communication among parents, the BFF, and the school. Each Preschool through Sixth Grade classroom has two classroom family leads. Seventh Grade through Upper School grades have no more than three Classroom Family Leads per grade. The Classroom Family Leads responsibilities are below:

  • Schedule beginning of the year potluck dinners or initial gatherings and initiate other, social events, at least 2 a year
  • Manage classroom parent contact lists provided by the school
  • Be in regular communication with families as questions arise and direct them to the appropriate BFS colleague for discussion. If feedback themes arise, they should be shared respectfully with the Divisional Clerks
  • Work with the New Families Committee to identify additional ways to help integrate new families into their class community; make welcome phone calls to incoming families entering their grade level the following year
  • Report significant student and/or family news, to the BFF, through the Division Clerks, for appropriate action
  • Attend Classroom Family Lead Meetings with Division Heads (two per year) and distribute the minutes of those meetings to their respective classes
  • Share by email and phone, requests for volunteers, and information about significant school events
  • Encourage families to volunteer for BFF events and help parents find ways to support BFS with their skills
  • Be knowledgeable about and support advancement initiatives, such as capital campaigns, the Brooklyn Friends Fund, and the Spring Gala, which may include facilitating class support through communications
  • Plan and execute efforts, in line with the BFF Gift Policy (see the Gift Policy below), to give class gifts to teachers at the holiday season and end of school year

Brooklyn Friends Gift Policy

The desire of families to thank school colleagues with gifts at the winter holidays and at the end of the school year is appreciated. Colleagues work extraordinarily hard to ensure the success of our students. However, gifts from families and classes/grades are not expected. If they are given, they should be objects of token value, homemade gifts, or something that can be used in the classroom, such as a book. No cash equivalent gift cards (ie, Visa, AmEx, etc) or cash should be given. If Classroom Family Leads desire, they may collect for and arrange a special group gift for classroom colleagues (teachers, specialists, etc.) in line with the guidelines above. They may seek and collect funds from families for these efforts but these suggested donations by families should be for a small amount and should not be compulsory.  It should be noted that the Brooklyn Friends and Families Colleague Appreciation Committee works throughout the year to show gratitude to colleagues equitably across divisions, and runs a Colleague Appreciation Week each May.