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A Writing Space for Upper Schoolers

Benjamin Franklin might have said it best: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Now, the Upper School students at BFS have a special place to help them hone that craft—the Brooklyn Friends Upper School Writing Center. 

The Writing Center was created to serve as a welcoming space for all Upper School students to receive individualized support and feedback on their writing assignments. Whether it’s coaching students through the fundamentals of how to structure an essay, offering an extra pair of eyes to proofread some work, or encouraging them to find their voice as a writer, we’re here to help.

“Currently we have an expanding roster of 10 different teachers, learning specialists, and students on our team who are volunteering their expertise,” said BFS Upper School Humanities Teacher Brian Trigell, who heads up the Writing Center. “Students are encouraged to sign up for appointment slots throughout the school days to receive one-on-one support on whatever piece of writing they want to focus on. To date, it has been a huge success.”

The Writing Center’s comprehensive website has not only many resources for students to reference, but pages and pages of writing tips and advice.

“The writing center is an incredible opportunity for all BFS upper school students to hone their skills in academic writing,” said Daniel Paccione, Assistant Head of Upper School for Academics. “Working in collaboration with teachers and their peers, students can visit this space as often as they need to get individualized help in their writing. We are so thrilled to offer this space to our students to continue their learning journey.”

This article appears in our print magazine The Life for Fall/Winter 2021.

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