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Third Grade Dewey Wordles

Really? Dewey Decimal System?


While the “bookstore model” of book organization has been adopted by many libraries, the nonfiction sections of most public libraries and college libraries nationwide still utilize this system.

All students in the Lower School have spent time learning how a library is organized, why it is organized in this way, and how to better locate materials of interest. In the Third Grade, small groups of students analyzed a specific sections of the nonfiction section of our PS/LS library to determine what kinds of books are located there.

Students recorded key words and ideas generated by browsing the section from beginning to end. For example, if a group was assigned to the 500s, they browsed from the call number 500 to 599.99. They placed their key terms into the app called WordCollage creating a “wordle” and selected display settings to their taste.

Students then presented their findings to their classmates in a short oral presentation. Here are the results!

3A Slideshow

3B Slideshow

3C Slideshow