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Author Visit: Julie Sternberg

Wow! What a terrific event. Author Julie Sternberg visited Third and Fourth Grade classrooms in November and introduced her new book Celie Valentine: Friendship Over.

Julie sharing her process with 4th Grade
Julie shared her writing process and publishing process with our students. She debunked the myth that publishing books is for “other people.” Julie linked her experience as a “regular person” interested in writing and how her journey unfolded, along with all the bumps and rainbows along the way. She also highlighted all of the amazing connections she has to Brooklyn Friends School:
Another wonderful connection students made to the plot: sibling relationships. When Julie discussed the relationship between the characters of Celie and her older sister, students went wild with knowing smiles and emphatic “me too!” gestures. Julie went on to illustrate how the siblings interact by reading a selection from the book.
3rd Grade Audience

Julie sharing her process with 3rd Grade
She left students with insightful words: writing isn’t a magic process. All of us can do it! Find a story with heart, give it your best effor, adding lots of juicy details, and be willing to revise, revise, revise. (Oh, and dig up a great title!)
What a great, inspiring, fun visit!