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BFS history, the video

“This Is Our Quiet Time” BFS ordinarily shares brief clips in its Video Archives, but we make an exception this week with the full version of the original BFS musical, […]

BFS school-year beginnings, today and yesterday

Brooklyn Friends School began its 148th school year this month with its traditional convocation. Our opening assembly for older students, held at the Brooklyn Meeting House on Schermerhorn Street, came […]

A truly phenomenal woman

A Truly Phenomenal Woman BFS Dance Concert 1989 With Maya Angelou’s passing last week, let’s go back 25 years to 1989, the year which saw the creation and first performance […]

Mysteries from the Video Archives

Dance Concert Rehearsal, probably 1998 Digitizing much of the BFS dance department’s video collection for the BFS Archives video collection yielded unidentified rehearsal videos and one music concert video. Most […]

Great moments in BFS Basketball, 1925 and today

1925, BFS Boys Basketball Team, with the Friends School League Championship Trophy It’s a great basketball season for BFS teams, so today let’s look back 89 years ago to February of 1925, […]

Upper Schoolers Advocate for Higher Education for All

After learning about the Education from the Inside Out Coalition‘s advocacy efforts through their Social Justice Service Learning course, Upper School students Patonya P., Jade H., Grace M., Sierra V., […]

Feeling your Blue Pride? Make that Indigo

It’s a throwback this fine Thursday to the “Mood Indigo” scene from the 1989 BFS original musical A Small Cabaret. A Small Cabaret was a departure from the traditional BFS musical: […]

Stretching ourselves once upon the Natchez Trace

1987’s The Robber Bridegroom, Upper School Musical Scanning a 1920s scrapbook by hand can be monotonous, so I’ve been multi-tasking by going to my family’s collection of BFS videos once […]