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Stretching ourselves once upon the Natchez Trace

1987’s The Robber Bridegroom, Upper School Musical

Scanning a 1920s scrapbook by hand can be monotonous, so I’ve been multi-tasking by going to my family’s collection of BFS videos once again since I know video did not always survive in the school’s collections over the years. My own home was the source of last week’s Forward to the Past clip. Today we share a short scene from 1987’s Upper School musical, The Robber Bridegroom which is followed by some quick insights from director Phil Bratnober at the cast party. Phil’s words about “stretching ourselves to the limit” are worth hearing no matter when BFS was a part of your life. In case you did not notice, the band for this production is in the hayloft above the stage and the whole set is a carpentry feat that just goes to show “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Now, what BFS gems do you have lying around your homes?