Our Strategic Vision

Standing with the AAPI Community

Dear BFS Community: Brooklyn Friends School does exist as a Quaker Independent School to educate children on the building blocks of learning, and yet most importantly, we exist to partner […]

Outside Study Enriches Faculty

Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts     For some Brooklyn Friends School faculty, summer research is a religious experience. Middle School History teacher Amanda Goodwin, now in her second year […]

Time Traveling to Quaker New Amsterdam

    In early May, six fourth grade teachers, led by Head Teacher Bea Bartolotta and 4C Head Teacher Amy Hertz,  journeyed with their 66 students to New York State’s […]

Compassion, a BFS and Quaker tradition

The program of our first commencement, from 1910 BFS has always strived to be compassionate for its community, particularly for its students, both while enrolled at our school and forever […]

Remembering Benjamin R. Burdsall, 1903-1968

Got to thinking about Benjamin R. Burdsall this week as our Upper School faculty has been doing its own thinking about recipients of our annual awards for the Upper School […]

Gatekeeper No More

1940, BFS Principal Douglas Grafflin’s Address to the Trustees of the Schools of New York Monthly Meeting  proposing the enrollment of African American students at BFS.  Please click to read Grafflin’s entire […]