Our Strategic Vision

Snails in Kindergarten

As part of the science curriculum, kindergarten students learned about snails, the habitats they live in, and their life cycle. Students also conducted an experiment to see what types of […]

Third Grade’s 3D Printing Unit

Third graders kicked off their 3D printing unit by working with their kindergarten buddies to create cookie cutters for a baking project. Together, they designed their cookie cutters on paper […]

Tad Hills Visit: “Can he come again?”

Tad Hills reads aloud to First Grade Wow! What a super visit! Author, illustrator, and BFS parent Tad Hills visited Kindergarten and First Grade students last Thursday. He shared the story […]

iPads in Kindergarten & First Grade!

Our kindergarten and first grade students loved learning about the mysterious blue cart that has been sitting in their classrooms for the past few weeks. Gasps and clapping ensued when […]