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Tad Hills Visit: “Can he come again?”

Tad Hills reads aloud to First Grade

Wow! What a super visit!

Author, illustrator, and BFS parent Tad Hills visited Kindergarten and First Grade students last Thursday. He shared the story of how he became an author, how much he enjoys drawing and painting, and where some of his ideas come from.

He demonstrated how to look carefully at small details in illustrations to gain information about the character and the message of the story. Hills then read HOW ROCKET LEARNED TO READ aloud to an excited group of emerging readers!

At the end, he took out paper, paints and pencils and created a work of art for us to keep in the library: a portrait of Duck in the grass on a sunny day. Students delighted at the chance to watch Hills in the act of painting a favorite character. Afterward, brimming with questions, several students had the chance to find out more about his books, characters and process.

Hills adding details to a Duck portrait

As we left the classroom, students smiled and asked, “Can he come again?”