Our Strategic Vision

Time Traveling to Quaker New Amsterdam

    In early May, six fourth grade teachers, led by Head Teacher Bea Bartolotta and 4C Head Teacher Amy Hertz,  journeyed with their 66 students to New York State’s […]

Stop Motion Animation in Fourth Grade

In social studies, fourth grade students learned about New Amsterdam and how New York City evolved over time. As part of their unit, they built a model of what the […]

4th Grade Design Thinking & 3D Designs

Design thinking was introduced last week to students as part of our unit on 3D design. Students learned about the stages of the design process: empathizing with the users of […]

Math, Art & Technology

Using Code Studio, third and fourth grade students have been working on creating more intricate and complicated patterns using their understanding of geometry and computer code. Some students have discovered […]

Getting Loopy Dances & Functional Suncatchers

Our third and fourth graders engaged in two fun and unplugged activities (no computers!) to learn about loops and functions in technology class this week. In third grade, students learned […]

Computational Thinking & Introduction to Coding!

Our third and fourth graders have started their unit on coding with an introduction to “Computational Thinking” or strategies for problem solving. The strategies include decomposition (i.e., breaking a problem […]

Augmented Reality in the 4th Grade

The 4th grade ended the 2014 year with our unit on augmented reality and an integrated Library and Technology class project. First, we thought about the meaning of the words […]