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EasyBib – Classroom, Library & Technology Integration

4A & 4B began their research work this week using EasyBib in their first integrated library and technology classes. Both classroom teachers (Razi & Elif and Bea & John), literacy specialist (Sarah), Lower School librarians (Kathy & Christina), and technology teacher (Tracy) were on hand to help students look at the books about their research topics, abstract information from the texts, create bibliography and digital notes on EasyBib, paraphrase the ideas taken from the books, reference these notes with the sources in their bibliography, and grouping similar notes together to create bigger ideas. All of the students’ research notes are shared with their teachers via EasyBib.

We had a few hiccups along the way, but everyone was super excited about being the first classes to pilot this new program at the Lower School level! Many students personally thanked the teachers for giving them another way to take notes that allow them to stay organized. One student said, “Thank you soooo much! EasyBib is so much better than index cards. I couldn’t ever find my notes and someone once threw all my notes into the recycle bin. Thank you, thank you!” We are all super excited about this collaboration, and the students cannot wait to work on the new set of Chromebooks ordered by our librarians for this project!