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The Calendar Says Winter, but BFS Athletics Is Ready for Spring

The spring season for BFS Athletics officially begins this week, and we welcome every student in grades 7-12 who wishes to participate in the following spring sports (Prior experience is not required):

• Middle School (7-8) Baseball
• Middle School (7-8) Softball
• Middle School (7-8) Outdoor Track
• Upper School (9-12) Varsity Baseball
• Upper School (9-12) Varsity Softball
• Varsity (9-12) Outdoor Track
• Boys Varsity Volleyball *
* While students in all grades are welcome, we especially encourage 9th and 10th graders to join the volleyball team.

There is still time for students to join a team. The next four weeks will be a time of practice, practice, practice. Most games and meets do not begin until the last week of March or early April. Students should come to the practices if they want to join the team. All practices and games are on the website,  Here you will find a complete list of all practices and games for every sport. From the home page, go to Spring, then select the sport. You will be taken to the team’s schedule, e-mail addresses for the coaches, etc. You should also sign up for team alerts; directions are on the home page. (see home page image below)

What to Know about the BFS Athletic Program

BFS Athletics provides the opportunity for players to develop strong fundamental skills, increase an athlete’s knowledge of the sport, and time to initiate a love for the game. All players will be expected to respect and encourage teammates in school and at practices and games. Winning is important and we will do our best to be competitive, but we are here to teach life lessons through sport. This is an education based program. We will not have a “win at all cost” mentality. As coaches we believe that it is our goal to “TEACH FIRST and WIN SECOND”.

Players will show respect and cooperation to all coaches, teachers, administrators, teammates, and opponents as well as represent Brooklyn Friends School with the highest integrity. Athletes need to be prepared for both practices and games prior to their start. This begins with having all paperwork submitted and approved by school and Athletic Trainer. Student-Athletes must attend 8 Team Practices before participating in a BFS Game.

Parents also play a vital role in the growth of our student-athletes. We hope that you can attend as many games as possible to show your Blue Pride! Our games will be posted on our athletic website at We expect our players to attend all practices and games. If there is a scheduling conflict, please let the coaches know as early as possible.

If you have questions, please let us know. We are looking forward to a fun and rewarding season. Blue Pride Runs Deep, Friends Forever!!

In friendship,
David Gardella
Athletic Director
718-852-1029, ext. 234

February 26, 2020