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Service Learning in Action

roots-shootsA group of BFS 8th graders — Cammi F, Jazz H, Danielle F, and Tessa M — have been asked to present their green proposal to Dr. Jane Goodall at Roots & Shoots and Youth On Making the City Green. The event is Saturday, Sept. 17, from 12 to 3 pm,  Allen Shandler Recreation Area – Van Cortlandt Park. All are invited to attend.

Accompanied by middle school science teacher Kevin Cooney, the students will present their proposal, “BFS Green Games” to Dr. Goodall: We would like to make an Olympic style game to provide a fun way for people to clean up parks or public areas. However, instead of competing in running or swimming contests, we will have competitions to see which team can pick up the most trash, rake the most leaves, and other similar activities which aim to help clean up and conserve the parks in New York City.

This will be an afternoon of fun and entertainment focused on Dr. Goodall’s and the NYC Parks Department’s conservation efforts. Musical guests include David and Jacob Bernz and Solar Sound Band. Admission is free. Information about the event and directions are here.