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SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Making Social Justice His Priority

Just three years ago, Isaiah Springer could not have imagined himself standing in front of more than 250 students, colleagues, family members, and friends, at a BFS Black History Month Celebration that he helped to organize. Back in 2021—as a sophomore—Isaiah was just hoping that he might help with some kind of an event to commemorate Black History Month. With the help of his classmates, Head of School Crissy Cáceres, and Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Dr. AnaMaria Correa, a small celebration was held in the Upper School Café. The following year, the event grew. However, what took place in the Lower Gym this past February surpassed Isaiah’s greatest dreams.

“This year was huge. I almost shed a tear just walking into the gym and seeing all of the little kids, students, parents, and grandparents,” Isaiah said of the 2024 celebration, which was entitled,
Literacies, Legacies, and Leadership. “It felt really good to know that as students, we created this. I am really proud of the work that we have done, and I want the younger students of color to carry that on.”

Giving back to the community is nothing new for Isaiah, who is passionate about social justice work in all of its forms. He is looking forward to continuing that after he graduates from the school he has been immersed in since the third grade.

“This is where I grew up,” Isaiah said about BFS. “This school has opened up so many doors for me, just in general. I am so grateful for the learning experience I have gotten here and the connections and friendships I have been able to make.”

One very important connection that Isaiah has made during his time at BFS is with Crissy. He makes sure to note that having a strong head of color has made a real difference in his life.

“Most definitely,” Isaiah said. “Having Crissy here has made a big difference for me. Having a Head of School who can relate to me, and what is going on in my life, has been an amazing feeling.”

Next year, Isaiah will bring his passions and talents to Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, where he plans to continue his social justice work and is looking forward to contributing to his new community.

“I love giving back to the community and being able to help people,” Isaiah said. “I really want to be in a position to give back and make sure that people have what they need and keep smiles on people’s faces.”

So when he was introduced to the room of 250-plus smiling faces on that February evening, Isaiah spoke from the heart.

“Simplicity is one of the main Quaker values,” he told the crowd. “That’s what tonight is all about—simplicity. Enjoy this night, sing your hearts out, dance, and just enjoy the night. It’s beautiful to see everybody here.”

Now, as he turns his thoughts to his commencement from the school that has meant so much to him for the past 10 years, Isaiah takes his normal, measured approach. “I’m ready,” he said, “I am ready to start that new chapter. It’s going to be sad leaving here, but I will always come back and this is somewhere I will always call home.”