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Alumni Have Joyous Return to BFS

The evening of Saturday, June 4th was glorious in every way on the rooftop of 375 Pearl Street! The cool breeze, the hugs, the laughter and the stories were all in abundance as we greeted almost 100 members of the Alumni community. While friends gathered from a 50 year time span, there were many gathered for their 5th reunion (Class of 2017), 10th reunion (Class of 2012) and 50th reunion (Class of 1972), as well as a great turnout from alumni from the 1990s!

June 30, 2022 is the last day to give to the 2021-2022 Brooklyn Friends Fund. Please be sure to make your gift by June 30th so that we can acknowledge you properly in the final impact report to be printed next Fall. Why don’t you make your gift to the school in honor of your reunion and in celebration of the Class of 2022? Because of past support by you and other alumni over the years, our students are prepared to make an impact in their world  equipped with the lessons learned at Brooklyn Friends School experience! Make a gift today.

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