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One Month After Parkland, A School Walkout to Protest Gun Violence

BFS Middle and Upper School students and faculty will participate (on a voluntary basis) in the nationwide March 14, 2018 National School Walkout to protest gun violence. This will be a 17-minute walkout starting at 10am, each minute representing the 17 students and teachers killed in Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14. See detailed information for parents in PS, LS, MS and US, including permission forms, which need to be filled out.

Some of the messages created by Middle School students that will be carried during the walkout:


– Protect kids, not guns

– Keep our schools safe

– Love your kids, not your guns

– Do Your Guns Matter More Than Children’s Lives?

– Am I Next?

– 48 children are injured by gun violence every day

– 18th-century laws cannot regulate 21st-century weapons

Some of the sentiments shared by Upper School students who are organizers of the BFS walkout:

“The youth leadership of the survivors from the Parkland, Florida shooting inspired us to take action. Although the movement for gun control gained momentum after this recent tragedy, the March 14th walkout is also to honor those who were hurt and killed in other shootings as well. For example, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Sandy Hook were affected by shootings. This is not a recent problem.

“We are taking a stand against gun violence. Many people in our community experience concern for their safety on a daily basis. There has been a trend of normalizing gun violence because of its frequency, which sadly has detracted from the movement for gun control.”

“Youth activists, like those with Black Lives Matter and Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets, have been working for reforms. However, the gun control movement has recently gained visibility. Our action on March 14th is just one step. We plan to have ongoing advocacy following the walkout, as part of Students Demand Action for Gun Violence in America, making sure our actions are sustained.”