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Virtual Artists’ Reception Brings Joy and Beauty


At a time when we are all searching for glimpses of beauty and joy in the world, the Brooklyn Friends School community was met with an abundance of both last week at the Virtual Artists’ Reception for the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Show. The work of 26 artists in the class of 2020 was viewed by 170 members of the community. Head of Upper School Lisa Arrastia, in describing her joy after the reception, shared: “Poignancy, Pride, confidence, daring, profundity in message and medium, and diversity in ideas and perspectives: these are the imbrications of schemes, visual and sound landscapes, and movements of youth work in the BFS arts program.

Thank you to colleagues Nurit Newman, Mark Buenzle, and Liz Duell, for their work and partnership with their student artists and to Paul Romano and Andy Cohen who helped to make the virtual reception and exhibition a reality.

Visit and explore the Virtual IB Art Show now. 


*Feature image by Salma Bensalim ’20