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Get to Know the Visual Arts Faculty: Jean Kim

We want to introduce you to the Visual Arts Faculty as the year is getting going. 
Enjoy this peak into who makes the great Art Department at BFS!
1. What classes do you teach?
I teach 7th and 8th
grade animation, film production, and digital photography classes. I
will also be running a Willoughby After 3 computer programming studio. 

2. Where did you go to school and what did you study?
In college, I studied
Studio Art at New York University. I concentrated in Photography and
Digital Art. Recently, I received a masters degree in Instructional
Technology from Teachers College Columbia University.

3. What events led to you becoming an art teacher and/or choosing to teach art to kids?
I always wished for more
art classes in high school and dreamt about what kind of classes I
might teach if I were an art teacher. After college, I reflected for a
long time on the what I wanted to make, and the different ways objects
and ideas became meaningful based on who was interacting with them. In
graduate school, I worked with teaching and students and diversity and
technology in different settings. Eventually, I fell in love with the
ways students can interact with curriculum in the same way viewers
interact with installations and sculptures.

4.  What interests you in your own artistic practice?
When I was in
middle/high school, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and I drew a
lot. In college, I developed an appreciation for graphic design and I
became obsessed with darkroom photography. I am most interested in
trying out and experimenting with different art-making processes. I
think this is why I’m attracted to digital arts and also why I am a jack
of many media but master of none. In recent years, I’ve mostly worked
on video or graphic design projects. I hope to spend more time with
photography and drawing this year.

5. Who or what have been your biggest influences in life?
My dad. My personality
(flaws included), comes right from him. Because of him, I love learning
and try to look at issues from different perspectives. Unfortunately,
thanks to my dad, I tend to be a workaholic and I’m fairly certain I
will lose all my hair as I age!

6. Who are your favorite artists?
Some of my favorite
artists are: Bas Jan Ader, Carol Bove, Anne Collier, Francesca Woodman,
Spencer Finch, Eva Hesse, Roy Lichtenstein, Wolfgang Tillmans, Agnes

7. Tell us a non-art-teacher talent that you have?
I love to bake and make up new recipes. I am very good at teaching dogs tricks!

8. What does a day off look like for you?
I like to spend my days
off collaging, reading and watching films. One of my goals this year is
to go to more art exhibits and find good hiking spots around the city. 

9. What is your favorite lesson/project/concept that you like to teach?
I love to teach lessons
and projects that combine art and social activism. My favorite unit I
ever taught was one that combined graphic design and english in which
students explored, and then wrote/created social activist poetry and

10. What do you love about teaching art at BFS?
The students!!!! So far,
the students at BFS are passionate about different types of art,
excited to try new things, and patient when they are challenged. I’ve
learned so much already from my students’ perspectives and comments and
I’m so excited about our upcoming adventures this year. I can’t wait!