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Dia de Los Muertos at BFS


On Wednesday, in a program led by Spanish Teacher Vanessa Ehler, the 9th grade learned about Dia de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, and participated in four workshops to create decorations for an ofrenda. By placing an item that your passed loved one enjoyed on the altar (or ofrenda), the soul of the deceased can come back to the altar each year to enjoy their worldly delights once again. Many members of the BFS community joined the 9th grade in the creation of the ofrenda. The ofrenda will remain on display in the Upper School for two weeks into November.

While a semi-permanent ofrenda was created in the Upper School, the Lower School took a more “mobile-friendly” approach! Myriam Juarbe, Lower School Spanish Specialist, created an ofrenda on wheels. Third grade students worked on their Spanish vocabulary while learning about the various traditional items placed on an ofrenda, this one to the legendary Cuban singer Celia Cruz.