Our Strategic Vision

BFS Holds Energizing State of Our School

In The Pearl Street Meeting House was abuzz with many positive emotions on Thursday night following the State of the School Address, which was entitled, A Time of Purpose. Asked to sum up the evening in one word, community members proudly exclaimed: PROUD, ENERGIZED, GRATEFUL. This, after hearing a comprehensive presentation from Head of School, Crissy Cáceres, which focused on the many areas of purpose at BFS, including all of our learning communities, care for our students and colleagues, our enrollment management, and much more. Crissy spent a good amount of time on one of the most important points of the evening, Designing for Outcome, which encompasses curiosity, data, and discernment, and is tied directly to our Strategic Vision. “Our purpose is clear,” Crissy said, “but our purpose is only as good as the people and the place it serves in a time that is right.” INFORMED, REASSURED, ENGAGED… more feelings from the night, which also included governance and financial updates from Board Co-Chairs Ed Oliver and Penny Windle, and Treasurer Bill Morris. Before diving into what makes the Board tick here at BFS, he took a moment to speak about the importance of the relationship between the Board of Trustees and Head of School. “I’d just like to say thank you to Crissy for her partnership, because the partnership as a Board and our Head has had has been incredible and is vital to the school and is why…the state of the school is so great. I really want to shout you out in front of everyone here.” OPTIMISTIC, APPRECIATIVE, FIRED UP!