Our Strategic Vision

BFS Celebrates Black History Month

This year, BFS Black History Month will center Black Resistance, Power, and Voice, in collaboration with the Upper School’s Black Affinity Group and the Committee for Social Justice. This youth co-created focus of this season will highlight the power of resistance in the day-to-day fight for racial justice, which includes the resistance of comfort for allies and a call for solidarity. This theme foregrounds historical legacy rooted in Black Nationalism, Black Resistance, Feminist, Anti-Apartheid, Abolition, and Liberation work.

In our exploration, we anchor resistance, power, and voice to frame the purpose of the stories, music, histories, and ways that this theme will be reflected and will lift up pride, power taking, sound, voice, and honor the physical and embodied way knowledge and power are represented. The centering of voice as a living and metaphorical symbol of the impact of systemic racism and revolution in resistance, power, and voice.

As a community, we will commune with experiences which reflect these themes; from the learning happening in our classrooms and the Changemakers Circle Assembly in the Lower School to seeing resistance, power, and voice be reflected in the community’s embodiment of Spoken Word, Performances, Song, Community Read-alouds, Student led collections, and the culmination of our celebration during the BHM Community Dinner at at the Upper School on the evening of Friday, March 3.

Upper School

    • Feb. 6: BHM Collection Led by Black Affinity Group and Social Justice Committee
    • Feb. 13: Poetry by Solaris from The Garden Abolitionist Bookstore and Community Well 
    • Feb. 27: Performance & Conversation with Sauda A. Jackson from her work, I Digress: The Intimate Insights of a Childhood Weirdo

Middle School

    • Feb. 8: BHM Collection Led by Students
    • Feb. 14: Performance & Conversation with Joyce Griffen from her work:
      Formerly Known as Sarah: The Story of Madame CJ Walker
    • Feb. 23: Poetry by Solaris from
      The Garden Abolitionist Bookstore and Community Well 

Lower School

    • Feb. 22 Poetry by Solaris from The Garden Abolitionist Bookstore and Community Well

Community Engagement

    • Feb. 11: Loved ones activities for adults and children together
      • 11:00am-12:30pm & 12:30pm-1:45pm Arts Workshop: My tools, My hands w. Vickie Fremont Pearl Cafe
      • 2:30-3:30pm: Bombazo Puerto Rican Bomba Performance and Dance in the Meetinghouse
    • Celebrate the history, culture, and legacy of Black people by reading and purchasing books written and illustrated by Black creators.  Visit our Black History Month padlet for book suggestions by grade level.
    • To culminate our month of celebration, join us as we gather to be in community to celebrate Black History Month and our theme of Black Resistance, Power, and Voice, at our community dinner on Friday, March 3rd from 5:30pm – 8:00pm at the Upper School at 116 Lawrence Street. This event welcomes all. Please RSVP. Thank you!