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Afterschool Expands Children’s Horizons and Sparks New Interests

The Winter/Spring session of Afterschool begins in January. Registration is on a first come basis and should be completed by Monday, Dec. 18. To register for the Winter/Spring Afterschool program and specialty classes, go to MyBackpack and click on Program Registration (under My Forms/Documents).

Besides our usual crowd-pleasers, Afterschool has some great new Specialty class offerings in 2018:

TEAM BUILDING WITH OMAR Grades 2-4   No Charge!

As a Social Worker at the Masters level, Omar Roberts, our BFS Afterschool Director has been doing group work with children of all ages for over 18 years. Team Building will give students the opportunity to come together and play purposeful group building games and activities that will teach students how to work together as a team. Students will share and express their own opinions and feelings and reflect on and appreciate the commonalities and challenges that come with working in a group.  We will highlight the different stages of group development by focusing on different skills needed to become a successful team.

3D Video Games  for  Grades 2-4  from Code Advantage

Kodu Plus – Coding to Create 3D Video Games: Students create their own 3D video games and adventures while learning fundamental coding concepts such as loops, variables and constructors.  In this Game Design class, we combine a child’s love of playing games with the ability to create those games through coding.  Students create and personalize games such as Pac-Man and Space Alien Invaders and even create their very own game.

Modding in Minecraft  for Grades 5-6    from Code Advantage

Modding in Minecraft teaches students to code in Java while creating custom “mods” or modifications to their Minecraft game.  The class is unique because the kids aren’t just playing Minecraft, they are actually programming it.  There are two class versions of Modding for Minecraft, Ice and Fire, in which the students help their character survive either the icy plains or the sweltering desert.

YOGA  for Grades K-2        

Internal and external flexibility, balance and strength are all enhanced through this ancient practice. Children experience both the physical and meditative aspects of yoga as postures and techniques are adapted to suit their needs.

Step Up & Speak Out  for Grades 3-4 & 5-6  brought to you by Drama Zone 

Taught by the experts of the DramaZone, children will learn fun ways to give a variety of speeches, express their passions through the spoken word and enjoy speaking poetry from Shakespeare to Jam Poetry.  This class builds confidence and is taught through exercises and interactive games.   Skills include: vocal execution, breath support, diction, body awareness, tongue twisters, relaxation, diction and selling your message.

CERAMIC SCULPTURE  for Grades 3-4 & 5-6

Ceramic Sculpture is geared toward fun and artistic discovery. Students will explore numerous possibilities air-dry clay has to offer.  Air-dry clay can be used with traditional techniques, which students will learn by creating a range of different projects. We will include stamped impressions, hand building, sculpting, decorations, beads, and embedding found in objects and painting. Students will have the satisfaction of creating their own work from scratch by bringing it to completion.