Our Strategic Vision

Call to Action: Art and Action for Ahmaud

Since Ahmaud Arbery’s life was unjustly taken from us on February 23, 2020, those closest to him, as well as young people across the country, have been organizing and seeking justice. Now, six months later, three organizations, Students Unite!Youth Speak Justice, and the iRunWithWithMaud Committee are calling youth worldwide to come together and create various forms of art that express your feelings and experiences during the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This call-to-action is an effort to raise awareness, inspire change, and honor the memory of Ahmaud and all black and brown bodies who have died at the hands of racial violence. Your artwork can be any type of medium, including visual art, creative writing, spoken word, photography, music, and all performing arts. Art submissions will be showcased beginning on August 23, to commemorate the 6 month anniversary of Ahmaud’s death.

Selected submissions will be featured as part of a virtual exhibition hosted by Savannah State University’s Fine Arts Gallery. In addition, all submissions will be shared on at least one of the websites or social media platforms of iRunWithMaud, Youth Speak Justice, and/or Students Unite!

We as youth across the globe can do the work to create reform and active change in our communities.

Please submit your piece(s) using this form.

Please submit by August 21. If you have any questions, please email