Our Strategic Vision

First Community Building Potluck for Asian Pacific Islander Families

BFS community members with Asian/Pacific Islander heritage* and their families are invited to come together for a community-building potluck on Tuesday, November 12 from 6-8 pm in the Pearl Street Cafeteria.  Colleagues, parents, kids, grandparents, partners, etc. are all welcome to share in this experience–and good food!  If you plan to join us, please complete rsvp/potluck form.  Asian dishes welcome, but not required.  Questions?  Contact  Laurice Hwang (

(*We recognize that the API experience is diverse and includes a wide range of backgrounds including but not limited to people who self-identify as East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, Pacific Islander, and people who are adopted.  Family members who do not identify as Asian are welcome to join.)