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5th Graders Convince HoS to Make Changes

At BFS, things can happen fast. Yes, it took the 5th graders months of research, data and signature collection, digging through garbage bags, and thought partnership to compose and present a letter to Head of School, Crissy Cáceres. They have a scaffolded approach, asking that a temporary solution mark the time until the big changes can be put into place.

“This year we have been learning a lot about water and ocean pollution,” they wrote. “We think a great opportunity for BFS would be to get a dishwasher and reusable utensils and plates. We think this would be a great opportunity to help the environment and ocean pollution.”

The 5th graders gathered more than 200 student signatures in support of their proposal. Knowing that this would be a very big ask, the fifth graders presented to Crissy their initial solution. “Until we are able to move into the new building, if we used compostable utensils, instead of recyclable utensils, it would be so much better for the Earth.”

Crissy had many words for the fifth graders after hearing their proposal, but the main word she had was, YES! “This is how it happens,” Crissy said. “You have fed a fire in me in the best of ways and I truly believe that you have the ability to literally make this world exactly what it needs to be. My job is to support you, to make way for you, and then to join you.”

To that end, Crissy left the room of fifth graders and went directly to Chef Tom and informed him that we would be making the switch from recyclable utensils to compostable utensils, and that it will come directly from the Head of School budget. Chef Tom, always the environmentalist, responded with two thumbs up.

As for this amazing group of 5th graders, Kevin Murungi—BFS’ Director of Global Civic Engagement and Social Impact—addressed the students. “When we talk about changemakers, this is what just happened in this room. You just entered the realm of joining the movement to address climate and environmental justice, so kudos to you on that. I am excited to work with you to make this happen.”

Stay tuned to see this journey of sustainability!