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Funds Raised for Financial Aid



The BFS All Star Band taking the main stage

One Highlight

Just some of the Spring Gala fun


The Spring Gala for Financial Aid was a tremendous success! It raised $97,068 to maintain and grow the socioeconomic diversity at Brooklyn Friends School and served as a warm community gathering on a beautiful May evening after a long winter. As guests entered, they were greeted by the music of local bluegrass band Paper Anniversary, lone star margaritas and the festive western attire of their fellow guests. Friends bid on nearly 140 auction items, sipped and ate the food of Texas, and enjoyed the company of BFS parents, faculty and staff, alumni, grandparents and friends. Bill Weir, host of CNN’s “The Wonder List,” took the stage as live auctioneer. The live auction featured the collaborative artwork of our Preschool and Lower School students as well as a day on the set of CNN with Bill himself. BFS parent Matt Zaklad then took over the mic and led the community in a record breaking “paddle raise” for financial aid. As guests pledged funds to financial aid, a live updating thermometer raised to the top with $15,000 raised in a matter of a few minutes. The celebration ended on a high note with a performance by the BFS All Star Band featuring faculty and staff members Kenneth Alston, Camille Fobbs, Jessica Jones, Tony Soll and Dr. Steve Wortman. Guests danced and sang along as the All Star Band played favorites such as “My Girl,” “Everyday People,” and “Kiss.” The thrill of raising vital funds for financial aid was only topped by the pride felt by a community whose many talents and generosity were on full display in every aspect of the celebration. Congratulations, BFS! Here are just a few of the many Spring Gala thanks:

  •  Co-chairs Frances Webster and Aimee Good and the entire PAT Spring Gala Committee
  • Auctioneers Bill Weir and Matt Zaklad
  • The BFS All Star Band: Camille Fobbs, Tony Soll, Steve Wortman, Kenneth Alston, Jessica Jones
  • The students of Pre and Lower Schools, Carol Bove, Gordon Terry, and Jules Skloot, Susan Greenstein and all the Preschool and Lower School teachers who helped create the beautiful artwork for the live auction.
  • Teachers Jeremy Hawkins, Bea Bartolotta, Laura Leopardo, Peta-Gaye Grey, Caroline Segarra, the Middle School Math Teachers, and Manny Colon, who donated auction experiences for kids.
  • Our generous auction donors
  • Everyone who came to celebrate, dance, bid, and raise funds for Financial Aid!